Ravenol is a leading lubrication brand from Germany. They needed a partner with technical ability and knowledge of the South African oil idustry. Our knowledge of the oil industry, technical know how and passion, made us the obvious choice.

For more information, please visit www.ravenol.co.za.

307 Lubricants

307 is a new brand that we are growing. It was created to allow us to put forward a single face when interacting with commercial clients. Centered around Ravenol it also allows us to offer a variety of solutions to our commercial clients without creating confusion.

For more information, please visit www.307lubricants.com



Oil Wise is a training company with experts in the field of tribology and specifically tribology relating to machinery and engine lubricants and industrial lubrication. We have a state of the art training centre at our Head Office in Observatory, Cape Town. Oilwise provides education, training and consulting on lubrication. Oilwise offers vital education and support to anyone that works with or uses lubricants for maintenance in industry as well as automotive lubricants. Courses are held in our training centre, or at a customer's premises if prefered. Training material can be customised to the exact needs of the clients.

For more information, please visit www.oilwise.co.za


Piston Power

Piston Power, established in 1998, is an independent manufacturer of a wide range of high quality lubricants with automotive, agricultural and industrial applications.  Piston Power enjoys Level 1 BEE status and has established itself in the market with many high profile companies, municipalities and provincial & government departments on its client database.

For more information, please visit Piston Power on  www.307lubricants.com



TimeMAX Paint Repair is an anti-rust paint with a wide range of applications that include the following: Wind turbines, marine (above and below deck), mining, industrial, structual/building, automotive restoration and more.

For more information, please visit TimeMax on www.timemax.co.za



Hawk produce a diverse range of high quality automotive products. Their range of products include: APS Spray, Dash & Trim Restorer, Brake Cleaner, Pump & Go, Carb Cleaner, Silicone Spray, Power Penetrant, Ezee Start (engine starting fluid), Chain Wax, Oil Treatment, Petrol Injector Cleaner, Radiator Flush, Radiator Stop Leak, Fuel System Cleaner, Engine Flush, Diesel Injector Cleaner & Smoke Stop.

For more information, please visit Hawk on www.307lubricants.com


AutoGlym, rated as the top car polish in the world and is a great companion product to Ravenol. Ravenol protects the engine and AutoGlym offers award winning protection for your cars exterior.

For more information, please visit Autoglym on www.307lubricants.com


JB Weld

JB Weld, is regarded as the world's strongest adhesive. Their flagship product, JB Weld has numerous uses, ranging from around the home to repairing automotive engines and more.

For more information, please visit JB Weld South Africa



We are in the final stages of negotations for a variety of other brands and will update our site as and when they become available. If you have a product that you feel is a natural fit for us, please contact us.

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